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Highest Power of Any Multi-Wavelength Picosecond Laser

  • Shorter Pulses (450ps) – Reduced Pain & Erythem
  • Dual Pulse Width AND Four Wavelengths
  • Variety of Handpieces Available


PICOPLUS® is the next-generation  product  following  the  top-of-the-line  series  of  Q-switched  Nd:YAG  laser  devices  perfected  by  Lutronic  over the  past  15  years,  and  challenging  the  pulse  mode  from  nanoseconds to picoseconds. PICOPLUS offered four wavelengths:  532 nm, 595 nm, 660 nm, and 1064 nm. This variety of options gave it the versatility to treat even the most difficult cases.  PICOPLUS has inherited this novel feature but operating in the powerful and stable picosecond domain. The availability of specialized handpieces at four different wavelengths, combined with the ps-domain pulse width, makes the removal of both multicolored and black tattoos even more effective. 


Zoom Q
Zoom Handpiece (1064 & 532 nm)
Toning Collimated
Pico Toning Collimated Handpiece (1064 & 532 nm)

Gold Toning* Handpiece (595 nm) Optional

Ruvy Touch
Ruvy Touch* Handpiece (660 nm) Optional
Dual Focoused
Dual Focused Dots Handpiece (1064 nm & 532 nm)

Focused Dots

Focused Handpiece (1064 nm) Optional


The longer the pulse, the higher the temperature and the risk of resulting thermal damage to the surrounding tissue. With the shorter pulse width (pico seconds) you can now use the maximum power settings without risking tissue damage. Fast and safe. Nano creates larger particles that are difficult for the body to remove. Pico creates microparticles that the body can break down more easily.


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The picosecond pulse does more than just protect the surrounding tissue from thermal damage, it provides greater targeting and power to break up pigment into easier forms for the body to process. This improved targeting is what allows for faster and better clearance than what may be achieved from a nanosecond laser alone.

Wirkungsweise Illustration

Image 1: Nanoseconds (Laser 4J/cm2)
Image 2: Picoseconds (Laser 2J/cm2)

From K. H. Kim, PhD. South Korea, PoHang Univ. of Science and Technology

In-vivo 3-dimensional high-resolution images captured by two-photon microscopy enable the comparison of tattoo pigments which have been shattered after nano- (ns) or picosecond (ps) laser devices. (a) (e) tattoo pigments before laser treatments. (b) tattoo pigments after laser treatment with the ns pulsewidth at 4 J/cm². (c)(d), magnified views of the particles shown by the red arrows in (b). (f ) tattoo pigments after treatment with the ps-laser at 2 J/cm². (g)(h) magnified view of the particles arrowed in (f ). The tattoo pigments treated with the ps-domain pulsewidth demonstrate much more efficient photofragmentation and more complete dispersal via the strong photoacoustic effect compared with those treated with the ns-domain pulse, despite the fact that the ps-domain energy at 2 J/cm² was half that of the ns-domain treated particles at 4 J/cm².


  • 1064nm: To remove traumatic tattoo
  • 532nm: To remove solar lentigines
  • 595nm: To improve the early-stage erythematotelangiectatic rosacea –
  • 660nm: To remove solar lengtigines

1. Before: Recalcitrant tattoo case after multiple treatment/ After: PICOPLUS picosecond treatments – Clearance easily achieved in less treatments (Photos Courtesy of G.S. Lee, MD, S. Korea)
2. Before/After: PICOPLUS Sessions (Photos Courtesy of S.B. Cho, MD, South Korea)
3. Before/After: PICOPLUS Focused Toning treatment (Photos Courtesy of Lutronic)
4. Before/After: 2 PICOPLUS Sessions with 532 mm (Photos Courtesy of G.S. Lee, MD, South Korea)
5. Before/After: 4 PICOPLUS Session (Photos Courtesy of W.W. Lee, MD, South Korea)

*Results may vary.

Technology picoseconds & nanoseconds
Handpieces up to 6 handpieces possible
Pulse length 450 ps, 2 ns
Wavelengths 1064, 660, 595, 532 nm
Indications Traumatic tattoo(1064nm), Solar lentigines(532nm, 660nm), early-stage erythematotelangiectatic rosace(595nm)
Performance max. 1.8 GW
Frequency max. 10 Hz
Mains connection 220~230V, 50/60Hz
Length 107.8 cm
Width   48.3 cm
Height 111.9 cm and 182 cm with arm
Weight 142 kg
Pico Hp 1 Detail title=

The newest Dual Focused Dots Handpiece is unique, offering both adjustable scan size and focus depth.

Picoplus Handpieces title=

Intelligent features: built-in storage for PICOPLUS® Handpieces and the laser protect glasses.

Picoplus Tattoo Color Tx Comparison Vergleich title=

Tattoo removal: Left other lasers/Right PICOPLUS® picosecond technology.


With its versatility, multiple wavelengths, and pulse control, the PICOPLUS® system safely delivers laser energy below the surface of your skin.

PASSION FOR  Innovation

With special attention to the needs of users and patients, Lutronic invests a lot of time and money in the development of devices for the highest standard and continuous improvement. The products and services developed by us should not only meet, but exceed, your expectations and those of patients. For this reason, we developed our PICOPLUS ® according to these four principles:

Ebene 3


Dual Focused Dots handpiece features adjustable depth micro-beam scanner for procedures.

Ebene 2


Designed for the busiest user, the system is a dream to use: instantly switch between wavelengths and pulse durations without the need for recalibration.

Ebene 5


Physicians around the world rely on PICOPLUS for optimal outcomes. It self-calibrates to maximize uptime.

Ebene 4


With four wavelengths:  532 nm, 595 nm, 660 nm, and 1064 nm. This variety of options gave it the versatility to treat even the most difficult cases. 

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