eCO2 Plus™

Dual Mode CO2 Resurfacing Laser

  • Low risk, high safety, rapid recovery and low downtime
  • Controlled Chaos Technology creates pseudo-random microwound
    patterns to minimize heat build-up and maximize patient comfort
  • No consumables reduces operating cost and improves ROI

Transform Your Practice with the Robust eCO2

The Lutronic eCO2 is the leading fractional and ablative laser that offers you the full spectrum of rejuvenation treatments in your practice. The eCO2 works with the patented Controlled Chaos Technology (CCTTM), an algorithm that delivers each micro-laser beam pseudo-randomly so that there is a maximum distance between the successive beams. This enables the tissue to dissipate the greatest possible amount of heat between the shots. As a result, this means increased safety, fewer post-operative discomfort and a faster healing process with unparalleled results in partial skin renewal treatments.




eCO2 PLUS includes the 0.2 mm-1.0 mm zoom handpiece for incisional & excisional surgical procedures to fully ablative skin resurfacing needs.

Zoom Handpiece Eco2


With the ability to control your thermal damage, you can further adjust and customize treatments to your patient’s needs.


Product Neweco2standard Global 5

Pulse Energy 2mJ ~ 240mJ
Frequency (Dynamic Mode) 10Hz ~ 200Hz
Density (Static Mode) 25 ~ 400 spots/cm2
Radiation Scan Area Max 18 x 18mm


Two optional incisional handpieces are also available: F100 Standard Handpiece, F50 Micro Handpiece:

Standard Handpiece


User Mode  Ultra Puls (carbonisationsarm) / Super Puls / CW
Pulse Rate 1 Hz – 700 Hz Ultra Puls / 1 Hz – 550 Hz Super Puls
Pulse Width 40 μs – 1.000 μs Ultra Puls / 1 ms – 5 ms Super Puls


Dynamic Mode Illustration


Dynamic Mode completely eliminates the checkerboard look of other CO2 systems and provides clinicians with a more comfortable operation by allowing the user to ‘Air Brush’  the energy. Whether you are treating large areas or just feathering to eliminate demarcation lines, Dynamic Mode provides your patients with a more natural look.

Static Mode Illustration


Static Mode allows for traditional ‘Stamping’ which allows users to treat scanned areas of 14 x 14 mm with selectable density options to enable precise delivery of laser energy without the need for multiple passes other systems require.


From ultra-deep to superficial ablation, the eCO2 has the features you need to address a broad range of clinical conditions. The ultra-fast quick change tips come in a choice of three spot sizes, 120 and 300 μm, allowing you on-the-fly customized treatments. The eCO2’s tip auto-recognition feature automatically changes treatment settings to adjust for the change in spot size. Combined together, the advanced technology, quick-change tips and safety features ensure the ultimate control for the best outcomes.

Ebene 1 Kopie 2
120 µm Spot Size

  • Scars
  • Deep Wrinkles
  • Tightening
Ebene 1 Kopie
300 µm Spot Size

  • Large Pores
  • Skin Texture
  • Luminosity

Ebene 1
500 µm Spot Size

  • Skin Tone
  • Texture
  • Luminosity

Eco2 Human Histology


  • Skin Tightening
  • Wrinkles, Rhytids & Fine Lines
  • Pigmented Lesions & Lentigines
  • Scars (acne scar*, surgical scar, burn scar)*
  • Textural Irregularities
  • Trans epidermal Drug Delivery
  • Dyschromia
  • Solar/Actinic Elastosis
  • Vaporization, Incision & Excision Capabilities*
  • Coagulation*
  • Warts*

*CE Certficated – CE 2460



1. Acne scars (Courtesy of Jeffery A. Rapaport, MD)
2. Wrinkles and Dermatolysis (Courtesy Julie Woodward, MD)
3. Dyschromy (Courtesy of Mark Rubin, MD)


*Results my vary

Laser wavelength 10.6μm
Medium of Transmission Sealed off RF Module Laser
Laser transfer method Articulated arm with Scanner
Scanner Aiming Beam 637nm
CO2 RF Module Maximum power Maximum 30 Watt at Continuous Wave
Laser class CLASS IV
User Interface Touch LCD type, 7” LCD
Dimensions 360mm (W) x 450mm (L) x 1,870mm (H)
Weight (excluding the arm) 48kg
Cooling method Air cooling
Electrical rating Single phase AC 100~130V or AC220~230V,

50/60Hz (Fuse 250V/6.3A).

Power consumption: 400VA

Handpiece 280x187

eCO2 PLUS includes the 0.2 mm-1.0 mm zoom handpiece for incisional & excisional surgical procedures to fully ablative skin resurfacing needs

Cct Illustration

Patented Controlled Chaos Technology (CCT™) generates random energy delivery patterns to minimize complications from bulk heating and maximize patient comfort.

Behanldung Eco2

The Controlled Chaos Technology (CCT™) allows the fabric to dissipate the heat from the shot to the maximum. This means increased safety, less post-operative complaints, and a faster healing process for the patient.

Healing With Healite
Faster healing with HEALITE

In order to shorten the healing time and improve the healing success, use the Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) after the treatment. HEALITE II is a medical treatment that uses small amounts of light energy to change cell function through a traumatic and a thermal photo activation. More information: HEALITE II.

PASSION FOR  Innovation

With special attention to the needs of users and patients, Lutronic invests a lot of time and money in the development of devices for the highest standard and continuous improvement. The products and services developed by us should not only meet, but exceed, your expectations and those of patients. For this reason, we developed our eCO2 PLUS™ according to these four principles:

Ebene 3


Patented Controlled Chaos Technology (CCT™) generates random energy delivery patterns to minimize complications from bulk heating and maximize patient comfort.

Ebene 2


Users can easily and intuitively balance results and safety by delivering ablative energy at the desired density and depth. Easily adjust treatment parameters through intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Ebene 5


No consumables reduces operating cost and improves ROI. Patients are attracted to low risk, minimal downtime treatments.

Ebene 4


The eCO2 sets itself apart from the competition with ultra deep ablation depths. eCO2 is proven to deliver up to 2.4 mm of ablation depth. Two energy delivery modes (dynamic and static) further increase versatility and control over outcomes.



Skin Rejuvenation

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